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dog food

1.Dog food product standard:
protein ≥ 25%, water ≤ 10%, fiber ≤ 5%, ash ≤ 9%, salt ≤ 3%
2.Recommended daily intake:
Body weight  feed intake
1-5KG       35-100G
5-12KG      100-200G
12-25KG     200-400G
25-45KG     300-500G
≥45kKG     500-800G
3.Raw material composition:
Corn, rice, wheat, chicken meal, meat and bone meal, yeast powder, chicken oil, pet compound flavor agent, various vitamins, trace elements, and 18 kinds of amino acids
4. Product advantages, features and precautions:
1. High quality dog food is packaged beautifully and the packaging used is specially designed and manufactured moisture-proof bag. For further cost saving, low-grade dog food is usually packaged with plastic or kraft paper, which is easy to deteriorate.
2. high quality dog food can ask the natural fragrance after opening the bag, so that the listeners can have appetite. Low grade dog food is usually used as chemical additives, so it has pungent taste after opening the bag, such as strong flavor.
3. The high-grade dog food has plump particles, deep and even color, and the sense of oil is from inside to outside. Most of the low-grade dog food is dry due to uneven particles, light and uneven color due to production process, raw materials and other reasons. In order to make dog food look more like it is sold, some manufacturers have applied a layer of oil and pigment on the surface of dog food.
4. High quality contains high nutrition, and it is very easy for dogs to absorb, so it is not necessary to feed a lot of food each time, which can be seen in the dosage table of each kind of dog food packaging bag, and make corresponding comparison.
5. Dogs with good palatability prefer to eat.
6. The dog's feces should be soft and hard, and the amount of feces and odor should be less.
7. The dog does not appear fat or thin after eating.
8. Dogs will not have itchy, dry and denatured hair loss and breakage after eating.
10. There will be no growth stagnation after eating.
11. There will be no disease caused by lack of vitamins and microelements, which is ignored by most feeders.
The best matching plan of dog food is to eat daily dog food in combination with immune active protein products, so as to fully promote the absorption and filling of nutrients in dog food
Dogs can start to eat dog food after weaning at full moon, so the nutrition required is relatively balanced, and it is better to eat wet dog food, or wet the dry dog food with water before feeding the dog. How to make puppy food?
1. Water temperature: About 40-70 ℃, but the water must be the warm water that is boiled in advance and then cooled (to avoid the loss of nutrients in dog food caused by boiling water, and hot water is easy to burn the dog)
2. Water quantity: Based on the fact that the dog food can be absorbed, it's enough to make the soaked dog food absorb all the water, so that we don't need to pour out the excess water and lose part of the nutrition
3. Time: soak until the dog food is released (softened); the solubility of each dog food is different, so the soaking time will be different. Usually about 60 ℃ warm water, 20 minutes will be OK, at this time the water temperature is about 30 ℃, just enough to test feeding.
Matters needing attention
1. Generally, dogs can eat hard dog food when they have teeth, and small dogs like Chihuahua can eat without soaking for about 2 months.
2. For large and medium-sized dogs, it's usually 3 months later that they don't need to soak so soft, and 4 months later, they are totally over hard dog food; in addition, it's not ruled out that due to the difference of dogs, individual dogs will stop eating soft dog food for a longer time. In a word, it's good for the dog's stomach to change smoothly.
3. Hard dog food is good for dog's teeth. Hardness is very good for tooth health. It can prevent dog's bad breath, periodontitis and other oral diseases. It can also relieve the discomfort of long teeth to a certain extent.
The main purpose of the expanding technology of dog food is to:
1. Improve the palatability of pet food;
2. Change or improve the nutritional value of pet food;
3. Improve the digestion and absorption rate of pet food;
4. Change the shape and structure of pet food to make it easy for pet to eat;
5. Change the content of different nutritional indicators of pet food, such as: reduce the water content in order to improve the shelf life of food, which is conducive to storage;
6. Change the bulk density of the food, extrude and pelletize to increase the bulk density of the food;
7. Kill all kinds of mold, Salmonella and other harmful substances to improve the safety and hygiene of pet food.